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African American Male Pipeline Project (AAMPP)/ Womyn In STEAM Education

The goal of the UC Berkeley African American Male Pipeline Project (AAMPP) and the Womyn in STEAM Education (WISE), under the Pre-College TRiO Programs, is to increase the college-going rate and preparation for a career in STEAM for African American male students and women of color by providing comprehensive college awareness and advising, mentorship, mental and emotional empowerment, academic preparation, and workforce development.

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Kindergarten through 12th grade Academic Preparation African American Student Diversity Male Person Of Color Professional Development Steam Student Support Womyn
African American Student Development (AASD)

African American Student Development creates programs and activities that facilitate the retention and graduation of African American students, encourages their matriculation to graduate and professional school, and enhances theiruniversity experiences. Activities include: the Annual Black Student Orientation, Staff-Faculty, and Alumni Partnerships, Exchange Programs, Monthly Community Programs, Kwanzaa, Black History Month, community service/serving learning opportunities, academic support, advising and referral, internships, and freshman orientation classes.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Advising African American Students Community Service Exchange Programs Internships Service Learning
American Indian Graduate Program (AIGP)

The AIGP Advisory Committee of the American Indian Graduate Program is composed of faculty, staff, students, alumni and tribal community representatives committed to advancing American Indian/Alaska Native graduate education. The committee advises and supports AIGP’s efforts to recruit, retain and advance American Indian Graduate students at UC Berkeley, and enhance university educational climate to achieve these ends. The committee fulfills these functions by supporting: Faculty, student, staff, alumni and tribal commitment to AIGP goals; University and complementary programs that enhance the academic and professional success of American Indian graduate students; Respectful integration of American Indian knowledge, cultures and issues in the mainstream of campus life.

  • Student Support Services Graduate Students American Indian Graduate Program
American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

The American Indian Science and Engineering Society is a national, nonprofit organization focused on substantially increasing the representation of American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, First Nations and other indigenous peoples of North America in science, technology, engineering and math studies and careers. Offers educational programs and scholarships for K-12, undergraduate, and graduate students as well as internship opportunities, networking, and professional development for working professionals. AISES at CAL’s vision is to support Native American students pursuing a STEM degree by building a community in collaboration with other ethnic groups. This community will allow students to advance in their field and receive the necessary preparation and training to enter the professional world or graduate school in the STEM field.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Alaska Natives American Indians Education Programs Engineering First Nations Indigenous People Internships K-12 Math Studies Native Hawaiians Networking Pacific Islanders Professional Development Scholarships Science
Asian Pacific American Student Development (APASD)

Asian Pacific American Student Development (APASD) serves the changing needs of Asian Pacific American (APA) students on the UC Berkeley campus. The APASD office provides programs and supports activities that further the educational goals of APA students and enhances their opportunities for academic success.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Asian Pacific American Changing Needs Education Opportunities Student Development
Association of Women in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (AWE)

AWE is a student-run organization at UC Berkeley that supports undergraduate women interested in CS and EE. AWE hosts various academic, social, and outreach events throughout the academic year. Some events include networking events/info-sessions with companies, peer-to-peer mentorship, and midterm review sessions.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Computer Science Electrical Engineering Midterm Review Sessions Outreach Peer-to-peer Mentorship Women
ASUC Student Union

The ASUC advocates for students on a University, local, state, and national level and represents the student body on administrative campus committees, in addition to controlling funding for student clubs and organizations, providing resources and student programming, overseeing commercial activities and student services including the Cal Student Store and Lower Sproul Plaza in partnership with the ASUC Student Union.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Ascu Elected Official Represent Uc Berkeley
Basics Needs Student Center Economic, Food, and Housing Justice

The Basic Needs Center serves as a physical resource hub for basic needs resources and services, and provides a space for students to create community and access coordinated support for their basic needs. Basic Needs is committed to accomplishing food, housing and economic justice on the UC Berkeley campus through a robust model of prevention, intervention and emergency relief efforts.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Basic Needs Resources

You will provide guidance to a group of 4-6 seventh graders in their science class once per week over a 6 or 7 week period, helping these students frame a testable question, design an appropriate experiment, analyze their data, and present their results. Each student (or pair of students) will choose an independent scientific question to explore. Volunteers make a commitment to visit the classroom for one 90-minute class per week for a total of six visits - or for one 48-minute class per week for a total of seven visits at Longfellow Middle School only.

  • Campus Outreach & Public Enrichment Undergraduate Students Teachers Calteach Campus Outreach Data Science Engineering Fellowships Mathematics Public Enrichment Research Teachers
Bergeron Women in STEM Scholarship Program - Cal NERDS

This scholarship program is designed to empower UC Berkeley upper division students who identify as women and are majoring in STEM through mentorship and some scholarship support.

  • Professional Development - General Professional Development - Mentoring Undergraduate Students Coaching Female Girls In Stem Mentoring Professional Development Scholarship Training Women In Stem
Berkeley Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Berkeley Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program offers postdoctoral research fellowships, faculty mentoring, and eligibility for a hiring incentive to outstanding scholars in all fields whose research, teaching, and service will contribute to diversity and equal opportunity at the University of California.

  • Professional Development - Mentoring Graduate Students Faculty Graduate Mentoring Phd Research
Berkeley Compass Project

The Compass Project is a self-formed group of graduate and undergraduate students in the physical sciences at UC Berkeley. Our goals are to improve undergraduate physics education, provide our members with opportunities for professional development, and increase retention of students, especially those from populations typically underrepresented in the physical sciences. Compass fosters a diverse, collaborative student community by providing a wide range of services, including a summer program, courses for freshmen and transfer students, mentoring, a research lecture series, and other academic and social support. Our efforts have been recognized by the American Physical Society, who presented Compass with the 2012 Award for Improving Undergraduate Education.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Academic Support Collaboration Freshman Student And Transfer Student Courses Mentoring Physics Education Professional Development Research Lecture Series Social Support Student Retention Summer Program Underrepresented Population
Berkeley Girls in Engineering

The Berkeley Girls in Engineering program is a week-long, non-residential summer camp for San Francisco Bay Area girls entering 6th, 7th, and 8th grades to explore different aspects of what it means to be an engineer in a fun, hands-on environment. Girls will learn leadership skills such as goal setting and effective communication, and engage in activities that showcase different engineering disciplines. Participants will also design and create engineering projects throughout the week under the guidance ofBerkeley faculty, staff, and students.

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Kindergarten through 12th grade High School Mentorship Summer Camp University Prep Women In Engineering Women In Stem
Berkeley Hope Scholars

Berkeley Hope Scholars (formerly the Cal Independent Scholars Network) is the academic retention program at UC Berkeley supporting all incoming freshman, transfer, graduate, and continuing students who are current and former foster youth, probation youth, or were orphaned before the age of 18.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Student Retention Student Support
Berkeley Institute of Data Science (BIDS)

Our programs and initiatives are designed to facilitate collaboration across an increasingly diverse and active data science community of domain experts from the life, social, and physical sciences, as well as methodological experts from computer science, statistics, and applied mathematics. Since its launch in 2013, BIDS has cultivated an environment of open inquiry and discovery for data-intensive research. As an integral part of UC Berkeley’s Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society (CDSS), launched in 2019, we continue to seek new and creative ways to cross traditional academic boundaries and engage researchers representing a wide array of disciplines.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Post Docs Faculty Data Science
Berkeley Lab Director’s Apprenticeship Program (BLDAP)

The Berkeley Lab Director’s Apprenticeship Program (BLDAP) for high school students seeks to remove systemic barriers, such as a lack of access to professional networks and work-based opportunities, by providing strong connections to the scientific community at Berkeley Lab. BLDAP is a project-based high school STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) apprenticeship program that will provide an opportunity for underrepresented students in STEM (defined as: African Americans, American Indians/Alaska Natives, Latinos, students from low income households, and first-generation college attendees) to develop 21st century skills, learn about Berkeley Lab’s business and research activities, receive college and career guidance, and develop a STEM network in a real-life work environment.

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Kindergarten through 12th grade College Prep
Berkeley NanoLab High School Intern Program For Young Women:

The Berkeley Microlab initiated a High School Intern Program in summer 2001.This informal program has sponsored 30 students to date in a 7 week intensive summer research apprenticeship. Initial support was from Faculty Director discretionary funds. The program is presently funded by membership fees from the Berkeley NanoLab’s commercial user affiliate program

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Kindergarten through 12th grade High School Student Intern School Prep Summer Research Women
Berkeley Nanosciences and Nanoengineering Institute (BNNI)

The Berkeley Nanosciences and Nanoengineering Institute (BNNI) is the umbrella organization for expanding and coordinating Berkeley research and educational activities in nanoscale science and engineering. The campus has identified nanoscale science and engineering as a top priority and has allocated seven additional faculty positions that will be recruited by interdisciplinary search committees. This is in addition to the significant number of new faculty in nanoscale science and engineering that are being recruited by departments. UC Berkeley has a number of unique strengths in this rapidly expanding field

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Graduate Students
Berkeley Science & Math Initiative

The Berkeley Science and Math Initiative is UC Berkeley’s response to the crisis in K–12 science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education in California and across the United States. BSMI consists of Cal Teach Berkeley, which prepares undergraduates for K–12 math and science classrooms; and Math for America Berkeley, a professional development fellowship program for veteran Bay Area public school teachers.

  • Campus Outreach & Public Enrichment Kindergarten through 12th grade Undergraduate Students Teachers Calteach College Prep Fellowships K-12 Professional Development Transfer Prep
Berkeley Science Network and Berkeley Science Connections (BSN-BSC)

The purpose of BSN is to create a comprehensive network (online and interpersonal), which strives to advance under represented students in the mathematica, physical sciences, and computer sciences and eliminate barriers faced by those students. The BSN involves graduate students mentoring undergraduates.

  • Professional Development - General Professional Development - Mentoring Undergraduate Students Graduate Students First Generation Mentor Network Stem Undergraduate Underrepresented Students
Berkeley Scientific Journal

Berkeley Scientific is the undergraduate science journal of the University of California, Berkeley.Every semester, our undergraduate staff publishes independent research done by undergraduates at UC Berkeley, interviews with faculty members, reviews of recent scientific publications (books), and articles on current issues in science. All research papers are faculty-reviewed, and all interviews are conducted by the staff.The initial purpose of the journal was to provide an official forum in which Berkeley undergraduates could publish their independent research. But since its start in 1996, it has expanded to give the Berkeley scientific community a more in-depth understanding of itself, a broader understanding of how events here at Berkeley affect the world, and vice versa. The focus of the journal is broad, spanning scientific disciplines from ecology to engineering, from astronomy to biochemistry. Our intended audience includes, but is not limited to, UC Berkeley students, faculty, and the surrounding community. Although all of our published material is primarily related to the campus, many research papers include work done far off campus, and our faculty interviewees do work that involves collaborations and carries implications across the globe.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Journals Publishing Research
Bioengineering Scholars Program (BioESP)

The BioEngineering Scholars Program (BioESP) provides extra advising, a fall seminar, and community events to help students from underrepresented backgrounds succeed at Berkeley, while the BioESP Fellows program supports some of these students through a summer of mentored research in a faculty laboratory.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Advising Bioengineering Community Events Seminar Underrepresented Backgrounds
Biology Scholars Program (BSP)

The Biology Scholars Program (BSP) at UC Berkeley is a program that challenges the “by the numbers” popular view (e.g., SATs and high school GPAs as good predictors of success) about who can and should do science. Over the past 26 years, of the more than 3,000 BSP graduates, 60% have been underrepresented minorities (African American, Hispanic, and American Indian), 70% women, and 80% from low-income backgrounds and/or the first in their family to attend college.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Biology Diversity Underrepresented Minorities
Black Engineering and Science Student Association (BESSA)

Welcome to the Black Engineering and Science Student Association (BESSA) website! We are the University of California, Berkeley chapter of our parent organization, the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and was founded in 1968.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Academic Support Black Students Community Community Connection Engineering Non-profit Science Social Support Student Run
Black Graduate Engineering and Science Students (BGESS)

BGESS is dedicated to the nurturing of academic and social support systems for historically underrepresented students in the United States at UC Berkeley. Black Graduate Engineering and Science Students (BGESS) has been established for 31 years with a fourfold mission: recruitment, retention, and professional development of Black graduate students in STEM fields at Berkeley, along with outreach to the local community. Their events and activities focus on delivering on that mission.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Graduate Students Black Graduates Engineering Graduate Students Local Community Outreach Professional Development Recruitment Retention Stem Underrepresented Students
Bridging Berkeley

Bridging Berkeley is a math mentoring program that matches UC Berkeley work-study students and volunteers with Berkeley middle school youth, especially those who will be first-generation college students. The middle schools have all transitioned to Common Core math, which emphasizes math models, flexible thinking, and multiple solutions. If you're a creative problem-solver who can support students in thinking big, join us! Work-study mentors must be free at least two days per week at the listed program times and volunteers must be free at least one day per week.

  • Campus Outreach & Public Enrichment Kindergarten through 12th grade Undergraduate Students K-12 Mentoring Outreach Undergraduate
Cal NERDS Diversity STEM Center

Our student center is a vibrant hub of activity for STEM undergraduate and graduate students to come together and build community and a sense of belonging. We provide access to advising, a place to study, STEM related workshops and resources. We also focus on supporting our community’s STEM identity and STEM career path trajectories. Also, housed in our space are several diversity STEM programs that provide research opportunities, professional development, coding, and mentoring.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Advising Career Coding Diversity Mentoring Professional Development Stem Study Space Workshops
Cal Prep

The Richmond Aspire California College Preparatory Academy (Cal Prep) is a public charter and early college secondary school, co-founded by University of California, Berkeley and Aspire Public Schools in August, 2005 to propel under-served low-income and first-generation to college students with access to and success in higher education.

The school serves approximately 540 students in grades 6-12, with 80% of the students from racial and ethnic groups under-represented in higher education. The student body is 13% African American, 74% Latino/Hispanic, 9% Asian (including Filipino and East Indian students), 4% Multi-ethnic/Caucasian; 16% are English Language Learners, 69% are eligible for free or reduced lunch, and 75% will be first in their families to graduate from college.

A UC Berkeley multi-disciplinary committee of faculty and staff, together with Aspire and Cal Prep leadership, work to create a school with high expectations for student achievement—offering a non-tracked college preparatory and early college curriculum—and a culture of support.

This collaboration yields just over 50 graduates each year, all headed to a variety of college opportunities.

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Kindergarten through 12th grade College Prep First Generation Low-income
Cal Space Technologies and Rocketry (CalSTARS)

CalSTAR is UC Berkeley’s competitive high-power rocketry team. Founded in Fall 2015 in a university without an aerospace engineering program, STAR is comprised of a medley of audacious and wildly curious students with a burning passion for space.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students
Cal Teach

They participate in national and international rocketry competitions. They educate their members and provide gain industry experience. They also do community outreach by educating local Bay Area students and residents about aerospace.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Education K-12 Stem Teaching Credentials Teaching Skills Undergraduate Students
Cal Veteran Services Center

The Cal Veteran Services Center is dedicated to providing programs and services in support of the academic and personal success of student veterans. As a supportive and inclusive community, we are committed to increasing student veteran access to and awareness of campus resources and enrichment opportunities. The center also promotes campus and community engagement and leadership development that enrich and support students' academic and professional goals. The Cal Veteran Services Center carries out the University commitment to access and equity for students and plays a key role in campus outreach and recruitment of student veterans.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Access To Resources And Opportunities Campus Engagement Community Outreach Veterans
Cal-ADAR: Advancing Diversity in Aging Research

Cal-ADAR is a program designed to give underrepresented students a chance to experience research as undergraduates while studying demography of aging, which is officially a STEM subject. The program offers participants financial support for up to 3 semesters, a paid summer internship, and a mentored research experience. Trainees also attend a seminar on professionalization skills, and have access to a GSI who provides research support during the semester. Ultimately the goal is to encourage trainees to attend graduate school in a related topic of research and perhaps even become professors themselves.

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Aging Internship Professional Development Research Summer Underrepresented
California Alliance

The California Alliance is a partnership between four leading California universities to ensure that underrepresented minority (URM) PhD graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from our alliance institutions aspire to and populate the ranks of the postdoctoral population, the faculty at competitive research and teaching institutions, the federally funded national laboratories, and scientific think tanks.

  • Professional Development - Mentoring Graduate Students Diversity Faculty Phd Postdoc Research
California Outdoor Engagement Coalition

Through cross-sector partnerships, we expand transformational outdoor experiences for youth in California, who reflect the overall demographics of the state.

  • Campus Outreach & Public Enrichment Kindergarten through 12th grade Diversity Equity Inclusion K-12 Outreach
Career Center

Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate student, alum, or employer, the Career Center is eager to help you achieve your goals. No matter what brings you here, our first-class staff, programs, and resources are ready to support you every step along your way. We look forward to assisting students and alumni with career exploration, internship and job searching, and the graduate or professional school application process. Employers, we are very excited to help you recruit our world-class students and alumni. I encourage you all to explore this website and visit us at our vibrant, accessible location in the Lower Sproul neighborhood. We look forward to working with you!

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Career Help
Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science (E3S) - Internship

The International E3S Internship Program is a follow-on program for past participants of the following research programs for undergraduates: E3S REU, UCB-HBCU, TTE-REU, and ETERN. Enabled by a partnership with the GIANT International Internship Programme, the i-ETERN Program supports past participants who continue to be undergraduates by offering a second research opportunity of 9-weeks in Grenoble, France.

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Teachers E3s Internship Professional Development Research Experience Reu Teachers Transfers Undergraduates
Chemistry Scholars Program

The College of Chemistry Scholars Program (COCSP) was established in 1991 to promote and advance the educational and career opportunities of students from underrepresented groups in the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering. It also seeks to address industry's needs for a diverse pool of individuals qualified for technical employment as well as the societal need to understand the chemical and technical processes that shape our lives. There are two components of the Scholars Program: outreach and retention.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Chemical Engineering Chemistry Technical Employment Underrepresented Groups
ChemUNITY Club

Our vision is for underrepresented and nontraditional students in the College of Chemistry to have a space that demystifies the opportunities in the College and builds their confidence to seize those opportunities. Some of the activities we are planning include creating study groups, bringing in corporate speakers and helping our club members consider application for, and navigate the pipeline to, graduate school. For many, this kind of forward thinking isn't on their radar when they are newly arrived as freshmen and transfer students on campus.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students
Chicanx Latinx Student Development

The CLSD Office continues to support the personal, academic, and professional growth of Chicanx and Latinx students. We serve both undergraduate and graduate students. Through student-led programs and events, we uplift and celebrate our diverse Chicanx and Latinx backgrounds to add to the richness at Cal. As our newest Cal Osxs, we are thrilled to have you be part of these programs and events. These include, but are not limited to our seminars in Chicanx and Latinx Leadership, Latinos and the Environment, and Casa Magdalena Mora. We also offer workshops on Financial Literacy and Consejos for Navigating Cal from a Chicanx and Latinx perspective. We also value student activism and advocacy on/off campus. And our work is also intergenerational servicing and working with graduate student via Our From Day One: Chicanx and Latinx Men/Femtoring Program for undergraduates that empowers and equips them with the necessary skills to prepare for life after Cal, particularly with applying for graduate/professional schools. And our Cal Chicanx Latinx alumni are our integral partners with our office by partnering in programming and assisting with scholarships and professional advice.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students New Grad Stem Ambassador Program To Support 1st Year Graduate Students Who Are Underrepresented In Stem Fields.
Coalition for Education and Outreach (CEO)

The Coalition for Education & Outreach (CEO) is a community of practice centered on science education and outreach. Our members include over 550 science educators and public outreach practitioners who are affiliated with colleges and universities, K-12 schools, museums, science centers, after school programs, and informal science organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We host the Education and Outreach Google Group and hold professional development forums and networking events. CEO membership is free and open to all.

  • Campus Outreach & Public Enrichment Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Staff Teachers Community Graduate K-12 Outreach Undergraduate
College and Career Academy Support Network (CCASN)

Since 1998 CCASN has been working to increase educational opportunities that offer each young person support and guidance, productive engagement in the world outside of school, and preparation for both college and careers. This research-based strategy has been effective for hundreds of thousands of teenagers, including low-income students of color.

  • Campus Outreach & Public Enrichment Teachers
Communidad for Health Equity

Communidad for Health Equity strives to instill in UC Berkeley students the desire and dedication to help the underserved. As part of CHE, members can help develop health fairs, coordinate Pre-med and Pre-Health conferences, receive mentorship from Medical and Public Health Graduate students, attend our weekly meetings, and participate in socials, fundraisers, study hours and community service events. Everyone is welcome!

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Chicanx Community Service Events Conference Coordination Health Education Latinx Mentorship Pre-health Pre-med Socials Study Groups
Community College Transfer Services (CCTS)

UC Berkeley’s Community College Transfer Services (CCTS) provides transfer and academic advising to increase educational access for California community college students who are interested in transferring to UC Berkeley and the University of California. UC Berkeley’s CCTS advisers regularly visit 45 California community colleges to provide individual academic advising, classroom presentations, and transfer workshops for students, as well as in-service training for counselors and special services personnel.

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Community College College Prep Community College Transfer Transfer Prep
Computer Science Scholars Program

The CS Scholars Program at UC Berkeley is a community in which students can learn and grow together. The EECS Center for Student Affairs (CSA) recognizes the unique challenges that students from under-resourced and low opportunity communities face at the university and in computer science therefore our goal is to provide a supportive network in which students can thrive.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Computer Science Student Support Under-resourced And Low Opportunity Communities
Data Scholars

Data Scholars addresses issues of underrepresentation in the data science community by establishing a community that is welcoming, educational, and empowering for underrepresented and nontraditional students. Launched in Fall 2016, it is especially suited for students who can bring diverse and positive contributions to the field of Data Science. The program offers specialized tutoring, advising, and workshops in a sequence of three 1-unit seminar courses. Students apply to join the first seminar, Foundations, the semester they enroll in Data 8, and may participate in Pathways and Discovery in subsequent semesters.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Data Scholars
Destination College Advising Corps (DCAC)

Our Mission

DCAC increases college access for low-income, first generation and underrepresented high school students by placing highly-trained, recent college graduates in schools as full time College Adviser Fellows.
Our Vision
To make college a viable option for all students.

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Kindergarten through 12th grade Diversity First Generation High School Low-income
Disabled Students Program (DSP)

The Disabled Students’ Program (DSP) supports students with disabilities in achieving academic success at the world’s top-ranked public higher education institution. Our staff includes disability specialists, professional development counselors, and accessibility experts that work with students with disabilities throughout their educational career. DSP serves currently enrolled UC Berkeley students with documented disabilities seeking undergraduate and graduate degrees. Additionally, DSP staff collaborates with UC Berkeley faculty, staff, departments, and other campus partners to ensure that all students with disabilities have inclusive and equally accessible educational opportunities at UC Berkeley.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Disabled Students
Disabled Students Program (DSP) – TRiO Program

TRIO at DSP is dedicated to supporting Cal student with disabilities, including those from low-income backgrounds. We do so with higher touch services, events and enrichment workshops that cultivate a sense of belonging for TRIO students as well as develop the necessary skill sets to achieve their goals. In doing, we empower our students to exceed their potential while making Cal a more equitable and inclusive university.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Disabled Students Program
Diversity STEM Development Professionals - Graduate Diversity Directors

These STEM Graduate Diversity Directors provide insight, support, and advising for undergraduates interested in coming to UC Berkeley STEM graduate programs and also to current STEM graduate students.

Biological Sciences
Audrey Knowlton, (510) 642.5113, knowlton@berkeley.edu

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Tiffany Reardon, (510) 642.8791, treardon@eecs.berkeley.edu

College of Engineering
Meltem Erol, (510) 643.1743, merol@berkeley.edu

Physical Sciences
Colette Patt, EdD, (510) 642.0794, colette@berkeley.edu

School of Public Health
Durrain Ansari-Yan, (510) 664.7240, durrain@berkeley.edu

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Diversity Stem Development Professionals
Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)

The Early Academic Outreach Program has partnered with schools, districts, community organizations and families in the Bay Area for over 30 years. EAOP helps prepare students for college by creating a community of young scholars and offering college preparatory advising and academic enrichment opportunities. Our staff serves over 3,000 students from Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco and Solano counties.

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Kindergarten through 12th grade College Prep High School Student Support
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

All EOP students benefit from individualized academic counseling, various support services, and extensive campus referral network. In addition, students who meet the “low-income” criteria are also offered the services and benefits listed under the financial assistance section of our website (including various grants and fee reductions).

Students are notified with a confirmation of their EOP status through a Cal Central notification regarding the EOP Survey or a direct email from our office once they are admitted. If you received either of these, please visit our office in 119 Chavez to show confirmation and begin using our services.
If you have not received any of these notifications, but feel you meet criteria, the quickest way to be verified is visiting our front office in 119 Cesar Chavez or calling 510-642-7224 Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Academic Counseling Financial Assistance Grants
Educational Talent Search (ETS)

Educational Talent Search (ETS), one of the largest programs currently funded by the U.S. Department of Education under the Federal TRIO programs, joined UC Berkeley in 1997. With an annual budget of $723,369K, ETS serves three comprehensive high schools in the Oakland Unified School District, three high schools and four middle schools in the West Contra Costa Unified School District.

Project History
In 1969 a group of students attending the University of California, Berkeley conceived of a program of intensive motivational counseling and tutoring aimed at educationally disadvantaged high school students recognized as the Educational Guidance Center (EGC). In order to secure an operational base, the students approached a local non-profit community service organization. The project was funded through private and public resources. The intent and focus of the program has grown tremendously since 1969.
Target Population
Students who attend our target school are the focus and in some situations students outside of our target schools. Student must also be a US citizen or permanent resident, with our focus still being to serve disadvantaged high school students. Thi sincludes first generation students (parent or guardian has not graduated from a 4-year college) and low income family recognized by the Federal budget.

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Kindergarten through 12th grade College Prep High School
Engineering for Engineering Kids (E4K):

Engineering for Kids (E4K) at UC Berkeley is a student organization that collaborates with clubs and students from across the university’s engineering community to host an annual one-day science and engineering education event for local fourth- to sixth-grade students. Attendees at Engineering for Kids Day engage in fun, hands-on activities led by Berkeley students from a wide range of engineering disciplines. Thanks to the generosity of volunteers and corporate sponsors, this event is completely free for all participants and families!

  • Campus Outreach & Public Enrichment Kindergarten through 12th grade Engineering K-12 Outreach
Engineering Machine Shop

The Mechanical Engineering Department Student Machine Shop provides engineering students with a well-equipped, safe working environment in which those students can design and manufacture their projects for engineering classes, research, and vehicle and team competition through on-site technical guidance. The shop provides safety training and technical guidance as well as machine operation instruction for the purpose of providing hands on experience which seeks to balance and compliment the strong theoretical education here at UC Berkeley. It serves engineering students from the ME, CEE, NE, and BioE Departments. It also supports engineering team competitions: Formula SAE, CalSol (solar powered), Super Mileage Vehicle, Human Powered Vehicle, and Civil Engineering Bridge Building teams.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Engineering Students Projects Research
Engineering Preview Day

Berkeley Engineering Preview Days is a program designed for students who are interested in applying to PhD programs in engineering and held during the spring semester.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Advising Ph.d. Program
Engineering Scholars as Engaged Scholars

The program begins with a fall seminar series that introduces students to social and environmental justice through workshops, guest speakers and field trips. In the spring semester, students take a special course, Engineering the Environment and Social Justice, with Professor Khalid Kadir, a Chancellor’s Public Scholar. This course engages students at the intersection of environmental justice, social justice and engineering. Topics include environmental justice as it relates to air, water and soil contamination; political ecology; race and privilege; expertise; and engaged citizenship. In the summer, students design an independent project, with the opportunity to apply for grant funding.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Community Engagement Engineering Social Justice
Engineering Student Support

Whether you’re an entering student or preparing to graduate, Engineering Student Services (ESS) can help you optimize your time and maximize your educational experience. We offer information and how-to’s on everything from choosing a major to planning your post-graduate career. Our extensive support services and high-quality programs will help you navigate your path at Berkeley Engineering and empower you to be your best. We also strive to help students develop skills in leadership, ethics, communication, entrepreneurship, design and wellness through a broad range of courses, co-curricular programs and support services.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Engineering Student Services Preparing To Graduate
EOP STEM Mentorship Program

The EOP STEM Program was created in order to bridge the needs of historically underrepresented students in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields. By providing one on one support (through the Mentorship Program), leadership opportunities and guidance (through our company visits, the STEM Series, and the Exposure Conference), we aspire to help the next generation of leaders to accomplish their goals and cultivate a new definition for students in STEM.

  • Professional Development - Mentoring Undergraduate Students Diversity Leadership Mentorship Stem
ESPM Graduate Diversity Council

The ESPM Graduate Diversity Council is a graduate student group with a vested interest in the continued diversification of the students and faculty of the department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management. We work to increase the presence of underrepresented groups in environmental fields through recruitment and retention efforts including workshops, speakers, special presentations, and mentoring. We are committed to creating and maintaining a community among underrepresented groups in ESPM, while actively promoting and engaging in diversity initiatives in the campus community.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Graduate Students Diversity Espm Graduate Students Mentoring Presentations Recruitment Retention Speakers Underrepresented Groups Workshops
Expanding Your Horizons (Berkeley chapter)

A group of graduate students, post-docs, and undergraduate womxn from a broad range of STEM departments at UC Berkeley (chemistry, chemical engineering, molecular and cellular biology, neuroscience, plant microbial biology, etc). They want to share our passion for STEM subjects with younger womxn and girls, to encourage them to pursue STEM subjects in their future studies and careers.

EYH Visions:

1. Provide a forum for girls to engage with womxn involved in STEM

2. Promote interaction with peers in hands-on activities

3. Introduce girls to a variety of STEM careers and encourage them to pursue the exploration of STEM

  • Campus Outreach & Public Enrichment Kindergarten through 12th grade Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Post Docs K-12 Outreach Stem Womxn
Faculty Diversity Intiatives

Part of Campus Climate, Community Engagement & Transformation(link is external), we work together with faculty members, deans, chairs, and other campus partners to create inclusive academic environments where people of all backgrounds and experiences can succeed, thrive, and contribute to building a better world. Through:

Programs and Services
Our many programs for faculty and departments are designed to help integrate equity, inclusion, and diversity into all aspects of academic life.

Resources for Faculty
Resources and campus partners support equity and inclusion efforts among faculty and within academic schools, colleges, and departments.

Diversity Research
Distinguished faculty in departments and centers across campus take part in innovative research on equity, inclusion, and diversity in their fields.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Diversity Faculty
Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center

In response to disciplined organizing by UC Berkeley’s Black Student Union and its set of demands for institutional change, a new Black student resource center has been established on campus – the latest progress in UC Berkeley’s African American Initiative. The Fannie Lou Hamer Resource Center, named after the Black voting rights activist and civil rights leader, serves the academic, social, cultural and political needs of the campus’ Black community. The center addresses a critical call by students for a safe convening environment, and creates space and opportunity for Black students and organizations to organize and engage in academic, social-cultural, leadership, community development and networking activities. The space will also enhance exchanges with faculty, alumni and community stakeholders. The center is located in the Hearst Field Annex east of Sproul Hall.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Black Student Union
FEM Tech

FEMTech’s mission is to promote gender diversity in the tech industry and inspire women and underrepresented minorities from all majors to excel in technology careers. Through organized seminars, mentorship programs, training workshops, and networking events, FEMTech at Berkeley aims to provide a supportive community for students of all majors and backgrounds to create meaningful connections with like-minded people. We hope to excite new interest in tech and provide support for female and underrepresented students pursuing a career in the tech industry. Our mission is to empower and inspire students and we welcome anyone and everyone who supports FEMTech’s mission.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Gender Diversity Mentorship Programs Networking Events Seminars Tech Underrepresented Minorities Women Workshops
Fung Tech Fellowship

The Fung Fellowship is a model of discovery education at UC Berkeley—an immersive undergraduate learning experience that inspires students to become innovators for social good. Partnering with the School of Public Health and the Rausser College of Natural Resources, the Fung Fellowship currently offers two tracks for students to choose from based on their passion, interest, and desired area for impact (Health & Tech or Conservation & Tech). Fellows work to address real-world challenges, engage with communities to understand needs, and develop viable solutions alongside industry and community partners. The Fellowship’s learner-centered approach allows students to co-design their experience from crafting course content to sourcing future projects and collaborators.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Alumni And Industry Connections Business Career Advising And Placement Cross-disciplinary Engineering Management
Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq)

The Gender Equity Resource Center, fondly referred to as GenEq, is a UC Berkeley campus community center committed to fostering an inclusive Cal experience for all. GenEq is the campus location where students, faculty, staff and alumni connect for resources, services, education and leadership programs related to gender and sexuality.

The programs and services of the Gender Equity Resource Center are focused on four key areas:

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer+ (LGBTQ+)
Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence
Through our many programs and services we strive to:

Provide a space for respectful dialogue about sexuality and gender
Illuminate the interrelationship of sexism, homophobia and gender bias & violence
Create a campus free of violence and hate
Provide leadership opportunities
Advocate on behalf of survivors of sexual, hate, dating and gender violence
Foster a community of women and LGBT leaders
Be a portal to campus and community resources on LGBT, Women, and the many intersections of identity (eg race, class, ability, etc…)
The Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq) is a part of the Centers for Education Justice and Community Engagement, which is a cluster in the Division of Equity & Inclusion, University of California, Berkeley

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Education Lgbtq+ Safe Space
Getting into Graduate School Program (GIGS)

etting into Grad School (GiGS) is a collaborative partnership between the Office for Graduate Diversity (OGD), and the Graduate Assembly (GA), whose ultimate goal is to encourage and prepare undergraduate UC Berkeley students to select, apply, and enroll in graduate school.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate School Mentorship
Graduate Women of Engineering (GWE)

The Graduate Women of Engineering (GWE) is a GradSWE organization made up of graduate engineering students from all engineering disciplines at the University of California, Berkeley. Our primary purpose is to support all graduate engineering women (in body, spirit or identity — past, present, future, and fluid) in all their engineering endeavors. Throughout the year a number of informal events are held to allow women engineers (and those who support women in engineering) to welcome new students, network, share experiences, develop study groups, discuss issues and just socialize. We are always looking for new faces to join us and welcome any suggestions for new events.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Graduate Students Discussions Engineering Graduate Students Network Study Groups
Haas Scholars Program

The Haas Scholars Program was founded in 1997 through the generous vision of Robert and Colleen Haas. Each year, twenty highly qualified, academically talented undergraduates with financial need come together to build a supportive intellectual community during their final year at UC-Berkeley. Haas Scholars come from all walks of life and every major on campus, but they are united by their desire to strive for excellence--both in their individual academic pursuits, and as an interdisciplinary cohort. (International students and undocumented students are welcome and encouraged to apply.) Applicants are evaluated primarily on the merit and originality of their proposal for an independent research or creative project that will serve as the basis for a senior or honors thesis. Once selected, Haas Scholars receive close mentoring from members of the UC-Berkeley faculty, seminars and workshops to assist them in the research and writing process, the opportunity to present their work at a professional conference, and up to $13,800 each in financial support. Haas Scholar alumni have gone on to become leaders in their respective fields, including academia, medicine, law, industry, the arts, and public service. You are invited to explore this website for an introduction to the community of Haas Scholars, and if qualified, we encourage you to apply to join us!

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Community Haas Mentoring Professional Development Public Service Research Undergraduate
Hispanic Engineers and Scientists (HES)

Hispanic Engineers and Scientists student organization of the University of California, Berkeley and the UCB Student Chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). HES holds meetings on a weekly basis throughout both semesters. During the fall semester, we focus on the Professional Development Series in preparation for our national conferences and recruiting season. During the spring semester, we focus on our Graduate School Series. HES also hosts outreach events during both semesters.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Conferences Graduate School Hispanic Students Professional Development
Identity and Gender Spectrum (IGenSpectrum)

IGenSpectrum is a student group at UC Berkeley dedicated to improving the visibility and professional preparation of LGBT physicists. Founded in 2014, IGenSpectrum has already hosted a visiting colloquium speaker in a discussion of the challenges facing LGBT scientists; a summer research supplement program for undergraduates; and many social events

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Lgbt Physicists Scientists Social Events Speakers Summer Research
Iota Sigma Pi - Hydrogen Chapter

Iota Sigma Pi is the National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry. The Hydrogen Chapter at the University of California, Berkeley is the first chapter, founded in 1902.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Chemistry Honor Society
Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation

The Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation is UC Berkeley’s interdisciplinary hub for learning and making at the intersection of design and technology. We see design and technological innovation as integrally linked: innovation opens possibilities and extends the reach of design, while design links new technologies with human experiences and ensures that innovation truly benefits people and communities. Bringing together technical depth, design methodology, and a focus on societal impact, we aim to educate students who understand both the under-the-hood details that make something work and the big-picture context that makes something matter. At the Jacobs Institute, technological breakthroughs commingle with Berkeley’s deep academic strengths and consistent focus on social good, uniquely equipping students to tackle the pressing challenges of today and tomorrow. From our home in Berkeley’s College of Engineering, we extend broadly across campus, serving as a welcoming hub: here, engineers, artists, and makers of all kinds can gather and collaborate. In a space designed to mix students of different disciplines, expertise levels, and modes of engagement, we provide a range of opportunities for hands-on, team-based learning, from courses to independent tinkering and co-curricular offerings.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Design Technology
Judith Lee Stronach Baccalaureate prize

The Judith Lee Stronach Baccalaureate Prize supports intellectual and creative pursuits that heighten awareness of issues of social consciousness and contribute to the public good. The award gives motivated students the opportunity to extend and reflect upon their undergraduate work at Berkeley by undertaking a special project after their graduation. Winning projects are creative in the broadest sense, explore themes of significant interest to holders of the Prize, and strive to further understanding of what constitutes humane and effective participation in our worldwide community.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Competition Postbac Worldwide Community
Latinx Association of Graduate Students in Engineering and Science (LAGSES) at UC Berkeley

LAGSES is an inclusive multicultural organization that strives to increase diversity on campus by recruiting, retaining, and graduating underrepresented advanced degree students in STEM. We aim to provide a support network for minority graduate students by organizing outreach, networking, and community service activities throughout the year. We also organize social events to create a cohesive group of members that extends beyond the academic setting and include other on-campus organizations and nearby universities to amplify our reach.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Graduate Students
Latinxs and the Environment Initiative

The Latinxs and the Environment Initiative seeks to establish a comprehensive program designed to generate knowledge and encourage increased study and research on Latinxs and the environment- both in the U.S. and abroad with the coordinated participation of policy makers, community based organizations (CBOs) and the academic community.

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Faculty Community Environment Faculty Graduate Latinx Policy Research Undergraduate
Mariachi Luz De Oro

Mariachi Luz de Oro de Berkeley is a musical student-run group that performs traditional and modern mariachi music. We aspire to promote musical and cultural diversity by increasing exposure to the Mexican art form of mariachi. We aim to establish and maintain a performing group to inspire the lives of the community and its members.We are looking for passionate and motivated students! Students interested can contact ucbmariachi@gmail.com with their name, year, instrument(s) they play, major, and any previous experience they have had either performing or playing mariachi music.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Band Mariachi Music
Marvell Nanofabrication Laboratory Opportunities @ NanoLab

The Marvell NanoLab, located in the CITRIS headquarters building,Sutardja Dai Hall , includes more than 15,000 sq feet of Class100 and Class1000 cleanroom.The Marvell NanoLab is a shared research center providing more than 100 Principal Investigators and over 500 academic andindustrial researchers a complete set of micro- and nano-fabrication tools. Please contact us if you are an academic or industrial researcher interested in the capabilities of the Marvell NanoLab.

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Citris Microfabrication Nanofabrication Nanolab Research
Math & Physical Science Graduate Diversity Office

Partnering with the School of Public Health and the Rausser College of Natural Resources, the Fung Fellowship currently offers two tracks for students to choose from based on their passion, interest, and desired area for impact.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Faculty Diversity Math Physical Sciences
Mathematics Undergraduate Student Association (MUSA)

We strive to improve the overall quality of studying mathematics here as an undergraduate, especially by advocating for issues that benefit the entire undergraduate math community, not only the subset that attends our events. Joining MUSA is an excellent way to connect with other math enthusiasts. You can learn about the many opportunities for math students, including little tricks that will help you survive the rigorous math curriculum here.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Mathematics Student Club
McNair Scholars Program

Each year, up to 30 McNair Scholars are selected to participate in the program, which takes place throughout the Spring semester and subsequent Summer. These 30 students are given a generous stipend, support from faculty mentors and the McNair Staff, and the opportunity to pioneer their own research. Scholars are encouraged to undertake research that relates to their lived experiences, and they share this research by presenting at our National Ronald E. McNair Scholars Symposium and publishing in The Berkeley McNair Research Journal. The Berkeley McNair Program vehemently believes that research is not divorced from the self but comes from the ways we move through and access the world.

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Mcnair Mentorship Research Spring Summer Undergraduate
Miller Scholars Program

The George A. Miller Scholars Program provides outstanding community college transfer students the opportunity to develop leadership, research or community service skills and apply them in practice. Each year up to 12 low-income, first-generation students are selected based on their leadership potential, academic excellence, and commitment to community service and education. As a close-knit group of 10-12 students, Miller Scholars benefit from individualized personal attention and guidance that helps them transition to Berkeley, succeed academically, and develop skills to ensure long term success. Miller Scholars receive an $8,000 stipend for two years, including $2,600 in the summer. Miller participants pick between two tracks: academic research or community service.

  • Professional Development - Research Student Support Services Undergraduate Students First-generation Low-income Professional Development Transfers
Multicultural Community Center

A student-won, student-led space since 2007, the Multicultural Community Center strives to integrate student-driven and community oriented management, decision-making and visioning in everything that we do. The MCC facilitates students’ greater involvement in multicultural-related education, collaborations, and cross/inter-cultural community building by providing: an educational space for the critical study and practice of multiculturalism, a welcoming and inclusive space for students, an alternative space for cultural expression and identity exploration and by building community among Berkeley’s diverse students.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Community Inclusive Space Safe Space
Multiverse at the Space Sciences Laboratory

Multiverse at the University of California, Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory provides earth and space science educational opportunities and resources for a variety of audiences, especially for those who are underrepresented in the sciences. Our audiences include teachers, students, education and outreach professionals, and the public. We partner with NASA, the National Science Foundation, scientists, teachers, science center and museum educators, park interpreters, and others with expertise in reaching particular audiences. With these partners, we develop resources and communities of practice, offer educator workshops, and run events for the public.

  • Campus Outreach & Public Enrichment Kindergarten through 12th grade Teachers K-12 Outreach Space Sciences Teachers Workshops
Native American Student Development

UC Berkeley has long been known as a leading institution with outstanding opportunities and academic programs. Students who graduate from Berkeley belong to an elite group of scholars, professionals and activists worldwide.

At the Native American Student Development office, we believe that it is time that legacy be indigenized. We work with partners to support and grow the Native community at Berkeley, while continuously infusing indigenous issues, culture and events into the campus community. Our programs and events reflect the values and philosophies we believe will shape our indigenous leaders of tomorrow.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Community Community Development Indigenous Community
NSF Bridge to the Doctorate (B2D) - Cal NERDS

UC Berkeley’s NSF B2D Fellowship program is connected to the NSF LSAMP network of alliances. Through this program, the NSF seeks to continue its goal of increasing the number of ethnically underrepresented students completing STEM doctoral degrees by offering recipients the opportunity to enroll in graduate program without the financial burden. Typically each B2D fellows receives a $30,000 fellowship during their first two years, and the cost of the next three years is paid for by the department (contingent upon availability of funding). Other benefits include advising and advocacy, professional development, conference travel, a supportive community, and access to a diversity student center. This program does not occur every year, as typically it rotates among the UC system. We hope our next opportunity to apply for this NSF grant will be in fall 2021.

  • Professional Development - General Graduate Students Conference Travel Doctoral Degree Professionaldevelopment Supportive Community Underrepresented Student
NSF LSAMP Pre-PhD Research Program - Cal NERDS

This program focuses on increasing the number of baccalaureate degrees granted to underrepresented students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and supporting continuation to graduate studies, particularly for the Ph.D. Students gain many advantages through the academic and professional development opportunities that increase retention and degree completion. These include workshops, LinkedIn coaching, career pathway advising, and professional development grants to help support graduate school applications, etc.

  • Professional Development - General Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Advising Mentorship Professional Development Research Undergraduate
NSF Summer Biology Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Individual research projects in participating faculty laboratories in the Departments of Integrative Biology, Molecular & Cell Biology and Plant & Microbial Biology at the University of California at Berkeley.Integrated program of academic and professional development: group tutorials on cell, developmental and evolutionary biology; informal faculty research seminars; workshops on the graduate school application process, life as a graduate student, oral and written communication skills, and career opportunities for Ph.D.s.Mentoring from faculty, graduate students, and postdocs.10 week program (June 10 to August 16, 2019).$5,750 stipend.Paid on-campus housing in International House, includes 19 meals/week.Travel costs reimbursed up to $600.Excursions and social programs highlighting attractions of the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Biology Mentoring Professional Development Research Reu Undergraduate
Office for Faculty Equity & Welfare (OFEW)

The Office for Faculty Equity & Welfare (OFEW) is committed to the full participation in academic careers for all scholars, including individuals who are members of groups that have been historically underrepresented in higher education such as women, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, individuals with disabilities, veterans, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender, and others. The office accomplishes this through:

-Promoting inclusive hiring practices
-Supporting faculty relocation
-Developing or proposing academic personnel policies
-Conducting cutting-edge research on faculty equity and welfare
-Monitoring faculty advancement
-Advising faculty about tenure and advancement
-Promoting faculty retention by building a vibrant and diverse academic community
-Supporting programs and services that contribute to the well-being and creativity of retired faculty and academic staff.
-The office also provides information and advice on a variety of issues important to faculty welfare through advocacy and workshops. As part of the Office of the Vice Provost for the Faculty, OFEW works closely with the -Vice Provost for the Faculty, the Academic Personnel Office, and the Budget Committee.

  • Professional Development - General Faculty
Office for Graduate Diversity (OGD)

The Office for Graduate Diversity (OGD) provides support services for prospective and continuing students on the Berkeley campus in an effort to maintain a more diverse graduate student community.

The Office for Graduate Diversity serves as a resource for the admissions process, academic support, financial advice, and professional development. It also provides a forum for ideas and programs designed to enhance the educational experience of underrepresented students, including those who are undocumented, first generation college students, and those who are educationally and financially challenged.

For over 45 years, UC Berkeley has been committed to encouraging and supporting underrepresented students on the Berkeley campus. The Office for Graduate Diversity was established to provide outreach, confidential advising, and mentoring support to students who seek to obtain graduate degrees at UC Berkeley.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Financial Advice Graduate Students Professional Development Student Support
Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarships (OURS)

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships (OURS) is UC Berkeley’s hub for undergraduate research and prestigious scholarships. Established in 1997, OURS seeks to integrate undergraduates more fully into the dynamic and diverse research life of UC Berkeley. The center does so through a wide range of programs, workshops, partnerships, and communication platforms that: inspire and support undergraduates to pursue research; increase undergraduate and faculty collaboration in research; promote existing research activities and programs that exist on and off campus; develop resources necessary to expand undergraduate research opportunities; and prepare undergraduates to apply for prestigious scholarships. The success of our programs and advising demonstrate that Cal’s undergraduates are profoundly transformed through engagement in research projects.

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Undergraduate Research
OPEN (Opportunity for Postdoc Equity Networking)

OPEN is a program initiated by the BPA to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in the postdoc and graduate student community. Its mission is to build a network of core groups of postdocs and graduate students that will focus on issues that women, ethnic minorities, LGBTQIA community and other groups face in academia. OPEN will promote intersectionality and dialogue between these groups and the broader postdoc and graduate student community in a series of events and activities.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Community Diversity Equity Graduate Intersectionality Postdoc

Open to all, Opto-Camp is a five-day “in-residence” program that provides participants with opportunities to learn about the profession of optometry and the process of becoming an optometrist. A goal of Opto-Camp is to provide in-depth information about Optometry as a career track to those who are underrepresented in the profession and/or first-generation college students.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Career First Generation Students Optometry Underrepresented Students

We are the UC Berkeley chapter of the national oSTEM organization. Our aim is to unite LGBTQ+ students studying STEM to foster a strong professional and social network and to promote LGBTQ+ awareness within the academic and professional communities.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students
Pacific Islander Initiative

The Pacific Islander (PI) Initiative is a student-centered program started through student activism at the University of California, Berkeley. It exists to support folks of Pacific Islander/Pasifika/Oceanian ancestry on campus as well as in the greater Bay Area. The PI Initiative promotes social justice in PI communities by offering programs and resources that uniquely center PI communities. Our goal is to empower PI communities to develop and maintain cultural interests, promote cross-cultural community building, and address disparities by increasing access to relevant and responsive resources.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Of Pacific Islanderpasifikaoceanian Social Justice
Phi Sigma Rho-Female Engineering/STEM sorority

Close knit sorority of female engineers that operate on the core values of friendship, scholarship, and encouragement. Offers a community that boasts a powerful alumni network as well as a lifelong support group of peer mentors.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Female Engineers Mentors Network Sorority
Physics Machine Shop

The Physics Machine Shop (M-shop) provides design, construction and maintenance of prototype research equipment to the Physics faculty, students, and postdocs. The M-shop is staffed with one superintendent and three senior machinists.  Our capabilities include use of standard and special machine tools, such as the lathe, vertical mill, drill press, grinders, saws, dividing engines, gear hob, precision Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine tools, and Electrical Discharge (EDM) machining, and optical measuring devices.  The machinists have the technical knowledge required to manage systems and equipment in the areas of electrical power, mechanical apparatus, ultra high (10-10 ATM cc/Sec He) vacuum, magnetic, computer interfaces, and computer analysis and programming. The shop also provides precision welding of various vacuum chambers and apparatus. They are also knowledgeable in the numerous characteristics and properties of materials involving corrosion, expansion and contraction, yield strengths, compatibility, and thermal transfer.

The machinists are well versed in Surfcam and Solidworks software that enables the shop to assist in the design of complex shapes of machined components. The M-shop also runs a  Physics Student Machine Shop has been a mainstay in the department for more than 100 years – providing hands-on opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to learn how to safely operate equipment and how to create the apparatuses necessary for research.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Atomic Physics And Quantum Technologies. Biophysics Physics Quantum Physics Research
Posse Scholars Program

Founded in 1989 by Deborah Bial, who thought of the idea of Posse after a student told her, “I would not have dropped out of college if I had had my posse with me.”

Started at Vanderbilt University with five students from New York City, all of whom graduated with honors and accolades four years later.
Works with 2,200 Scholars in their Campus Program at top-tier colleges and universities throughout the country.
Nationally, Posse Scholars have won more than $931 million in scholarships from Posse’s partner institutions.
Posse students graduate at a rate significantly above the national average.
Given the opportunity to go to college, 70 percent of Posse scholars either have founded an organization or have become president of an existing one.
As of May 2015, there are more than 3,100 Posse alumni.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Community Mentorship Undergraduate
Pre-College Academy

The Pre-College Academy (PCA) is a six-week summer academic enrichment program for students going into the 10th and 11th grades. PCA students are enrolled in two courses, one in a theme based college writing course and another in math. PCA also includes co-curricular activities that provide students with a chance to build community with other college bound students in the Bay Area. PCA offers students rigorous coursework, college-level expectations and a chance to join a community of college bound scholars. Participants in the program take two classes, one in a theme-based writing course and a second course in math (Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Pre-Calculus). Recent writing course titles include Critical Media Literacy; Living in the Shadows: Race, Gender & Identity Politics in the United States; Zombie Apocalypse: A Post-Apocalyptic Study of Modern America. Students are enrolled in the math level that will be taking in their schools the following fall

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Kindergarten through 12th grade College Bound College Prep High School Summer Academy
Pre-Engineering program (PREP)

The Pre-Engineering Program (PREP) is a three week summer program offered to 60 incoming Berkeley Engineering students. Through PREP students will understand the rigors of Berkeley coursework — specifically in calculus, chemistry, and programming courses. As a PREP student you’ll make friends with fellow incoming students and build a network of peers even before you start classes.

  • Professional Development - General College and Transfer Student Preparation Undergraduate Students College Excellence Engineering Incoming Students Summer Program
President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (PPFP)

The University of California President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program was established in 1984 to encourage outstanding women and minority Ph.D. recipients to pursue academic careers at the University of California. The current program offers postdoctoral research fellowships, professional development and faculty mentoring to outstanding scholars in all fields whose research, teaching, and service will contribute to diversity and equal opportunity at UC.

  • Professional Development - General Graduate Students Post Docs Graduate Mentorship Postdoctoral Professional Development Research
Professional Development for K-12

Our professional development offerings are designed and taught by the same people who have developed the most innovative science and math curricula and methods available today.

We offer a variety of outstanding inquiry-based science and mathematics professional development options that exemplify sound teaching strategies and are researched to address the needs of all learners. We connect with over 20,000 teachers annually—regionally, nationally, and even internationally through our collaborations with our partner sites, publishers, school districts from NYC to LA, and partners as distant as Japan and Jordan.

  • Campus Outreach & Public Enrichment Kindergarten through 12th grade K-12
Public Service Center

The Public Service Center connects Berkeley faculty, community partners, and alumni with student leaders — through jobs, internships, and courses that support a more just and equitable world. The Center also works with faculty and graduate students to integrate community-based learning into teaching and research. Through the Center, students, faculty, and communities work together to promote transformative social change and grow our next generation of civic leaders.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Public Service

Its mission is to increase the number of educationally disadvantaged students who enroll in four-year colleges and universities, earn college degrees and return to the community as mentors and leaders to future generations. The program is interdisciplinary in approach, with writing, counseling and mentoring components.

Started in 1981 at Chabot Community College in Hayward, California, the program has since expanded to 4 middle schools, 38 high schools and 65 community colleges throughout the state. Puente staff train middle school, high school and community college instructors and counselors to implement a program of rigorous instruction, focused academic counseling, and mentoring by members of the community. Puente's staff training programs have benefited approximately 300,000 students across the state. Puente is open to all students.

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Kindergarten through 12th grade Community College College Prep Counseling Educational Disadvantage High School Mentoring
Python Bootcamps - Cal NERDS

Making coding accessible to diversity STEM undergrad and graduate students. Cal NERDS Python bootcamps provide access to coding to UC Berkeley diversity STEM undergraduate and graduate students. They are offered throughout the year. Each bootcamp is around four hours long and scheduled on the weekends. There are two types of bootcamps covering different topics; Introduction to Python - no prior coding experience needed and Advanced Python. These workshops are designed for students who don’t have time to enroll in a semester-long course but want coding experience. These bootcamps are made possible by a generous donor named Susan Lyne. Get ready for a career in the tech industry with these skills sets!

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Beginners Bootcamp Coding Graduate Python Undergraduate
Rausser College Honors Program

The Rausser College of Natural Resources Honors Program is designed to support undergraduate students interested in developing, executing, and evaluating a year-long independent research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Students who successfully complete the Honors Program will earn recognition at graduation and will also receive a notation of Honors in their major on their diploma. The Honors Symposium, held once each semester, gives all Honors students the opportunity to present their research to fellow students, faculty, Deans, friends, and family.

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Cnr Honors Program Independent Research Undergraduate
Re-entry Student Program

Coming to Berkeley later in life has clear benefits and complications. Because of this, the Re-entry Student Program provides resources and community for students who once deferred their lifelong goal of earning a college degree. Re-entry students (undergraduates 25 and older) bring their life and professional experience to Berkeley along with ethnic, and cultural diversity that powerfully and positively impact our learning environment.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Community Network Scholarships
ReNUWit Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program

ReNUWIt’s Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program engages undergraduate students in ReNUWIt faculty’s research labs (at UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Colorado School of Mines, or University of New Mexico), under the mentorship of ReNUWIt post-docs and graduate students. Participants learn laboratory/field techniques, are immersed in ReNUWIt’s collaborative and interdisciplinary culture, and conduct meaningful research in state-of-the-art facilities. REU participants also interact directly with ReNUWIt faculty and peers, receive professional development training, and experience ReNUWIt’s systems-level approach to addressing the nation’s water issues.

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Professional Development Research
Research Exchange, California Alliance

For the first time, nine of the nation’s most prominent universities (UC Berkeley, Caltech, Stanford, UCLA, University of Michigan, Harvard University, University of Texas, Austin, University of Washington, and Georgia Institute of Technology) are engaging in joint mentorship, scientific collaboration, career development and guidance of advanced PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. The goal of the Research Exchange is to increase the advancement of diverse PhD students and postdoctoral fellows from participating top tier institutions into the most competitive research and teaching careers. To achieve this, we have established the Research Exchange. Through this program, the alliance will sponsor a student or postdoctoral fellow’s visit with a faculty member or research scientist for a short period to learn new techniques, engage in collaborative discussion for innovative problem solving and face-to-face interaction between scientists at any of our participating institutions. The Research Exchange will support a visit to a research group at any of the partner institutions. Visits may last approximately one week and applicants will be awarded up to $1000 for intra-state visits, and up to $1,500 for inter-state visits. The goals of the program are to promote cross-institutional exchange between students and faculty across the alliance institutions, aid students in their search for postdoctoral mentors, help researchers identify future collaborators, and welcome students into the broader scientific network.

  • Professional Development - Research Graduate Students Post Docs Cross-institutional Phd Postdoctoral Professional Development Research Experience
Respect is Part of Research

Respect is Part of Research is a sexual harassment prevention workshop. Trained discussion facilitators lead their peers in small group discussions to eliminate the taboo surrounding discussion of sexual harassment. Their organization began in 2013 in the UC Berkeley Department of Physics, where a group of graduate students wanted to take action to raise awareness and reduce the frequency of sexual harassment in the physical sciences. Since then, they have partnered with the Department of Astronomy to offer graduate students access to the same training given to physics students. They work extensively with the PATH to Care office and the UC Berkeley Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination; their workshop is certified to satisfy the UC Berkeley requirement for in-person SVSH prevention training. Their goal is to create a respectful, positive working environment where everyone can do their best science.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Equality Research Sexual Harassment Prevention
RISE - Undocumented Student Support

R.I.S.E. provides support services, leadership training, and promotes collective empowerment of undocumented students at U.C. Berkeley. RISE is a student run organization that develops student leadership skills in organizing from the bottom up to create a safe space for undocumented students on campus. As such RISE consciously does not follow a traditional hierarchical structure in governance. Instead RISE acknowledges every member as having equal power and voice by structuring the group based on a consensus decision making process to allow all members to contribute

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Empowerment Undocumented
SACNAS Graduate Chapter

We are the graduate division of the official SACNAS chapter at the University of California, Berkeley. SACNAS fosters the success of Hispanic/Chicano and Native American scientists – from college students to professionals – to attain advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in science. We share the goals and values of SACNAS, striving to meet them through our various outreach activities. Our chapter seeks to improve recruitment, retention, and success of students underrepresented in STEM fields. We welcome all students who share our goals, no matter their background.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Graduate Students Chicanolatino Graduate Inclusive Community Native American Stem Underrepresented Minorities
SACNAS Undergraduate Chapter

The SACNAS Undergraduate Chapter creates an inclusive community that fosters interaction among Chicano/Latino, Native American, and other underrepresented minorities in order to improve leadership opportunities and promote excellence in science by increasing support for trajectories in the S.T.E.M fields.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Chicanolatino Inclusive Community Native American Stem Underrepresented Minorities

Science at Cal supports the advancement of the public’s understanding of science. We create opportunities for the UC Berkeley Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) research community to share the wonder, excitement and relevance of their research with public audiences. Accessibility, inclusiveness, creativity and innovation are hallmarks of Science at Cal events, which reach tens of thousands of people annually.

  • Campus Outreach & Public Enrichment Kindergarten through 12th grade Undergraduate Students Teachers
Sky Deck

We support startups founded by UC Berkeley students, alumni, and faculty who are seeking to bring their scientific and technical discoveries to market, and commercialize groundbreaking UC Berkeley research. SkyDeck also welcomes startups founded by affiliates of any of the ten University of California campuses, and startups who are located outside the US seeking to connect with students and faculty at UC Berkeley.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Faculty Startups Uc Berkeley Students
Society of Physics Students (Berkeley Chapter) - Outreach

The annual Science Outreach Catalyst Kits, or SOCKs, contain exploratory physics and science activities specifically designed for SPS Chapters and collegiate physics departments to use in outreach presentations to local elementary, middle and high school students. The kits are created and assembled annually by the SPS national interns and national office staff.

  • Campus Outreach & Public Enrichment Kindergarten through 12th grade Undergraduate Students Community Outreach Physics Undergraduate
Society of Physics Students (SPS)

In all seriousness, the Society of Physics Students is a student run organization that serves to provide a community for physics majors and physics enthusiasts (i.e. being a physics major is not required!) and connects the undergraduate population of the physics department to the department as a whole! As a result, we hold events such as faculty-student lunches, undergraduate seminars, department-wide barbeques, and even provide a platform for student-led projects. Moreover, SPS is also involved outreach so as to spread the gospel of physics and science as a whole to the next generation!

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Community Physics Society
Society of Women Engineers - Engineering Day

Comprised of high schoolers and a group of dedicated mentors, we aspire to help foster a nurturing environment for high school females to learn and explore their interests in engineering. Our 10-week program takes place every Saturday, from 10 AM to 1 PM, on the UC Berkeley campus. There is no cost, as SWE provides everything, from snacks to materials. However, the students are responsible for their transportation. If this is an issue, please mention it in the application or send us an email. Students may also bring laptops if they are able to.

  • Campus Outreach & Public Enrichment Kindergarten through 12th grade Engineering K-12 Outreach Swe
Society of Women Engineers—Mini-University

Mini-University is a free one-day event on March 15th designed to encourage underserved bay-area 9th-11th grade students to pursue careers in STEM and is open to all genders. As a volunteer you will be leading students on lab tours, helping with hands-on engineering activities, and sharing your engineering experiences with the high schoolers. If you are interested in helping out with a specific component such as through a 15 minute lightning talk, student panel, or have other ideas for how you would like to help out (ex. activity ideas or labs we could tour), join the Mini-U committee!

  • Campus Outreach & Public Enrichment Kindergarten through 12th grade Engineering High School K-12 Outreach Stem
Society of Women in the Physical Sciences (SWPS)

SWPS is a student group run by female graduate students in Physics, Astronomy, Earth and Planetary Sciences and Biophysics at the University of California, Berkeley. Our goals are to encourage women and minorities to study the physical sciences and to create a friendly and supportive environment in these departments for all students.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Supportive Environment Women In Physical Sciences
Solano County Educational Consortium (SCEC)

SCEC professional and undergraduate student staff provide services and bring college-going resources to Solano County students, families and schools. SCEC reaches over 2,000 students annually at 12 different schools in Solano County.

SCEC staff helps Solano students realize their college dreams by increasing academic engagement across students, families, and community members.

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Kindergarten through 12th grade College Prep Solano County
SPECTRUM – Autism at Cal

Our mission is to foster understanding and create a welcoming and safe community for all those on the Autism spectrum. We host a variety of volunteering, mentoring, and fundraising events throughout the year that help bring further our mission of promoting acceptance and empowering the Berkeley autism community. Some of our major events include our annual Autism Acceptance Week as well as our annual 5k Run/3k Walk. We also volunteer in the community, hold monthly general meeting, instituted a mentorship program in 2017.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Empowering Austim Community
Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research (SPUR)

The Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) program encourages faculty and undergraduate students in the Rausser College of Natural Resources to collaborate on research projects by providing a grant to support their joint project. The funding for this program is generously donated by Rausser College alumni through the Berkeley Fund for Natural Resources., and is offered in the summer, fall, and spring terms. Click here to see how SPUR has benefited student research and enriched their learning.

Students may participate in the SPUR program by applying to a faculty-initiated project or by creating a student-initiated project. Faculty may participate by submitting a faculty-initiated project in which undergraduate researchers could gain useful research experience or by mentoring an undergraduate student with their student-initiated project.
Eligible students seeking to gain research experience are encouraged to apply to faculty-initiated projects. The program is designed to provide research opportunities for students with varying levels of research experience. Advanced students who have identified a project or topic that they would like to pursue are encouraged to seek a Rausser College faculty mentor to assist them and apply for funding through a student-initiated project.

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Faculty-initiated Professional Development Research Experience Undergraduate
STEM Excellence through Equity and Diversity (SEED) Scholars

The STEM Excellence through Equity & Diversity (SEED) Scholars program is an honors program focused on supporting and inspiring undergraduates majoring in all areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to pursue graduate degrees. This tight-knit community of diverse undergraduates is interested in engaging in cutting edge, innovative research, and also in changing the face of faculty at colleges and universities across the country after finishing their graduate studies. These STEM scholars will go on to make a difference in all areas of society.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate School Honors Program Research Undergraduate

Program for 1st-year historically underrepresented STEM scholars. Scholars will attend monthly gatherings with continuing graduate students eager to share their advice and strategies for success at Cal. Considering joining an alliance of STEM students of color, women, LGTBQ+, low-income, first-generation, disabled, and undocumented students. Housed in the Office for Graduate Diversity. 

  • Professional Development - General Graduate Students First Generation Graduate School Advising
STEMinist Intro to Data Science Bootcamp - Cal NERDS

According to the American Association of Women only 26% of computing professionals are women (Belec, 2016). STEMinist provides data science training, R coding, and career preparation to UC Berkeley STEM female low-income and/or underrepresented minority undergraduate and graduate students. If you are not a student but part of our campus community and are interested in STEMinist please text Director Diana Lizarraga. This opportunity helps participants pivot into internships and job opportunities in the tech industry. Goals include developing a female tech industry ready workforce, providing insight into tech-related career trajectories, connecting with positive female industry role models, career preparation, and creating hands-on experiences with data science and coding in R. In two sessions, students can gain an introduction to Data Science, develop a network, and gain professional development tools. We are fortunate to have collaborated with various partners for our coding and professional development including Author of “Get The Job You Love: An easy to follow guide to help students get the career they want” and LinkedIn Coach Marjorie Weingrow, Pandora, Facebook, Kaiser Permanente, Climate.com, LinkedIn, Pandora, etc.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Beginners Coding Graduate Python R Undergraduate Woman
student environmental resource center (SERC)

SERC cultivates a collaborative space to strengthen the collective effectiveness of the sustainability community, and provides resources for students to actualize their visions of a more equitable, socially just, and resilient future.

  • Community Environmental Sustainability
Student LEAD Center

The LEAD (Leadership, Engagement, Advising, & Development) Center is UC Berkeley’s hub for student involvement, leadership development, and co-curricular advising. Our goal is to assist students as they explore their interests, pursue their passions, and create community at Cal.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students And Co-curricular Advising Leadership Development Student Involvement
Student Learning Center (SLC)

The Student Learning Center supports a global community of learners as they navigate the cultural expectations and academic rigor of UC Berkeley. They understand there are diverse ways of learning which allows them to help students realize their full academic potential.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students
Student Opportunity Fund (SOF)

Purpose: The SOF is designed to provide support for events/activities, both co-curricular and educational, for Cal students.—SOF supports programs that foster a greater sense of campus community and that are conducive to free intellectual exchange.—SOF encourages more interaction and educational experiences for students outside of the classroom, such as visiting speakers, forums on topics of general interest, and special campus panel discussions.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Conference Travel Funding
Student Parent Center

The Student Parent Center is committed to the holistic support and success of a highly motivated population of undergraduate and graduate students who are engaged scholars, as well as devoted parents at UC Berkeley.

The center is a centralized multi-purpose campus resource, where students can seek informed advice, develop leadership skills, engage in informal study groups, nurse babies, change diapers, celebrate achievements, recover from setback, and form lasting friendships. At every level of educational achievement, from high school through PhD programs, becoming a parent can pre-empt or preclude educational opportunities. Sustained efforts over the past 25 years have resulted in the development of Berkeley’s model.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Community Graduate Parent Undergraduate
Student Support Services (SSS)

They have many programs that help students achieve their goals. One of their programs is drop-in tutoring. An undergraduate who passed a class can be trained to be a tutor and help other students succeed in that class as well. Students also have access to an adjunct professor during tutoring hours in case they need extra help but most of the help comes from other students. Today, the SLC is recognized for their process-oriented, research-driven, and culturally informed approach to collaborative peer pedagogy.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Community First Generation Low Income
Study Abroad

We believe that knowledge, skills, and experiences gained through academic and cultural immersion offered by studying and living abroad enrich the intellectual preparation of our students and fundamentally enhance the relevance of a Berkeley education. To advance this educational mission, BSA strives to inspire students to think creatively and globally and to challenge themselves intellectually and personally by venturing beyond their cultural and linguistic zones of comfort through study abroad. Berkeley Study Abroad is part of the Summer Sessions, Study Abroad, and Lifelong Learning division, which is under the leadership of the Vice Chancellor of Undergraduate Education.

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Study Abroad
Suitcase Clinic

The Suitcase Clinic is a humanitarian student organization and volunteer community that offers free health and social services to underserved populations. Structured around the principles of public health, social welfare, and community activism, it currently operates three weekly multi-service drop-in centers in the city of Berkeley: the General Clinic, the Womxn’s Clinic and the Youth/LGBTQ+ Clinic. In addition to providing services, it strives to educate students, engage in community organization, and support public policy efforts that address homelessness in the local community. We are a group of volunteers, mainly composed of undergraduate students, in a cooperative relationship with the community to serve as advocates for the locally underserved population. We aim to provide continuous aid through health and social services to the homeless and low-income groups, regardless of their ability to pay.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Health And Social Services To Underserved Populations Humanitarian Student Organization Volunteer Community
Summer Preparatory Seminar

The Summer Preparatory Seminar is a week-long program intended to prepare students for the transition to graduate-level studies and to life at Berkeley. The seminars focus on academic preparation, such as statistics and writing skills; introduction to key campus resources; and development of important skills such as leadership, conducting effective presentations, and managing stress. EDIT: The Summer and Fall Preparatory Seminars (also called DREAM Seminars) are two separate programs intended to prepare incoming Master of Public Health students for the transition to graduate-level studies and life at Berkeley. The seminars focus on academic preparation, introduction to key campus resources; and development of important skills such as leadership, time management and managing stress.

The program also helps create and foster a network for underrepresented students that will serve as a support system for them while in graduate studies at UC Berkeley and beyond. Summer Seminar takes place Monday – Thursday the week before school begins, and Fall Seminar takes place during a 2 hour time slot once a week during the Fall Semester (Fall Seminar). Both of these programs are open to MPH students. The majority of students who apply for the program are historically underrepresented in graduate school, educationally and financially disadvantaged, first-generation college students, or allies who are committed to serving those groups most affected by health injustice. The application for the DREAM Seminars is sent out in the summer to all incoming students who are attending UC Berkeley that subsequent Fall.

  • Student Support Services Graduate Students Graduate Students Network Public Health
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

In addition to receiving funding, summer fellows from all five programs will be assigned to a research cluster, which will meet regularly throughout the summer. In the cluster you will find a community of undergraduate researchers with similar interests and problems. Each cluster is led by a SURF Graduate Student Advisor - an experienced researcher to help guide your efforts. Primary guidance in research will come from individual faculty/graduate student mentors, but most students have found it very valuable to meet with other students who are grappling with related research issues. SURF fellows also have the opportunity to present their research or present a poster at the SURF Conference in August. Conference attendance is required for all fellows. 

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Conference Paid Research Summer Undergraduate
Sutardja Center for entrepreneurship & technology (SCET)

The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology is the premiere institution on the UC Berkeley campus for the study and practice of “technology-centric” entrepreneurship and innovation. Since 2005, SCET has created the foundation of Berkeley’s entrepreneurship ecosystem including SkyDeck, the Fung Institute, the Engineering Leadership Professional Program, Global Venture Lab, and an extensive ecosystem of Silicon Valley and Global partners (see our history).

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Entrepreneurship Graduate Innovation Technology Undergraduate
The Graduate Assembly (GA)

The mission of the Graduate Assembly is to improve the lives of University of California, Berkeley graduate students and to foster a vibrant, inclusive graduate student community.The Graduate Assembly is the official representative body of the graduate and professional students at the University of California, Berkeley. The fundamental principles of the Graduate Assembly are the promotion of a vibrant student social life, inclusiveness, activism, community service, educational improvement, and professional development. In service to these principles the Graduate Assembly advocates for students, funds student groups on campus, and directly manages a variety of projects.

  • Professional Development - General Graduate Students Graduate Student Support Services
Transfer Alliance Project - NIH Bridges to Baccalaureate program

highly successful academic advising and enrichment program serving more than 1,000 underserved students at 45 California community colleges. Participants receive support services designed to facilitate their transfer to the University of California and other baccalaureate-granting institutions. TAP provides the following support services:

Transfer Information: Participants are informed of the steps to transfer to the University of California.
Education Planning: Receive guidance to develop a Transfer Roadmap listing semester-by-semester courses required for transfer.
Advising: Advisers monitor students’ academic progress and develop strategies for successful transfer.
Academic Enrichment: Provides opportunities to experience the UC Berkeley environment, including conducting research with UCB faculty and enrolling in UCB concurrent-enrollment or summer courses. Also includes STEM academic coaching, academic development workshops, and assistance with internship opportunities.
Peer Mentoring: Provides opportunities to partner with UCB undergraduate mentors to learn about the Berkeley campus, culture, and resources.
Major/Career Assistance: Informs participants of the multiple undergraduate major pathways by which they can achieve their career and post-graduate goals
Campus Life Immersion: Participants are invited to campus sporting events, guest lectures, free concerts, and overnight residential stays to familiarize them with the culture, diversity, and vitality of a major university campus.
Transfer Application Assistance: Provides information and support with the application process, financial aid, and scholarships.

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Undergraduate Students Community College Community College Transfer Transfer Pathway
Transfer Alliance Project (TAP)

A highly successful academic advising and enrichment program serving more than 1,000 underserved students at 45 California community colleges. Participants receive support services designed to facilitate their transfer to the University of California and other baccalaureate-granting institutions.

Since its founding in 1999, TAP has served over 18,000 students and around 80% of TAP participants who applied to UC Berkeley were admitted to Cal. TAP alumni thrive at UC Berkeley and have been admitted to graduate programs at Harvard, Yale, Brown, Stanford School of Medicine/Law School, Berkeley Law, University of Virginia School of Law, Oxford, and others.

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Undergraduate Students Community College College Prep Community College Transfer
Transfer Pre-Engineering Program (T-PREP)

Berkeley Engineering’s Transfer Pre-Engineering Program (T-PREP) is an eighteen-day summer program offered to incoming Berkeley Engineering transfer students. The transition from a community college to a major research university can be challenging, and transfer students often underestimate the degree of change. Students who participate in T-PREP will be fully prepared to meet the rigors of being a junior in the College of Engineering. T-PREP is just one of the many support services offered by Engineering Student Services.

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Undergraduate Students Community College Community College Engineering Transfer Transfer Pathway
Transfer Student Center

The Transfer Student Center provides services to assist students who transfer to Cal from other colleges and universities with navigating the academic and cultural landscape of this research university. Our programs and services focus on supporting a successful transition, helping transfers build connections and community, and assisting students as they explore and pursue their academic and career goals. The center plays a key role in campus outreach and recruitment through yield events and participation in programs involving California Community Colleges. We are located in 100 Cesar Chavez Student Building.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Navigation Transfer Student
Transfer-to-Excellence Summer Research Program (TTE REU)

Transfer-to-Excellence Research Experiences for Undergraduates (TTE REU), a competitive merit-based program, seeks to inspire California community college students through research at UC Berkeley so that they will ultimately transfer and complete their Bachelor’s degree in science and engineering. The TTE REU program is a residential program providing nine-weeks of hands-on research experiences in the laboratories of UC Berkeley professors. This program is jointly funded by an NSF Site award and the Center for E3S.

  • Professional Development - Research College and Transfer Student Preparation Community College Research Experience Transfer
UC Berkeley - Historically Black Colleges and Universities Research Experiences for Undergraduates

For four years, the UC Berkeley-HBCU (UCB-HBCU) Pathways to the Science and Engineering Doctorate Program supported undergraduates from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to undertake research at UC Berkeley and their home institutions. The program’s had two goals:

Develop a strong pipeline of undergraduate researchers inspired to pursue graduate studies,
Increase the matriculation of African-American HBCU graduates into engineering and physical science doctoral programs at UC Berkeley and other UC campuses.

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students African-american Doctorate Program Engineering Hbcu Pathways Science
UC LEADS Research & Leadership Program - Cal NERDS

University of California Leadership Excellence through Advanced DegreeS (UC LEADS) program is part of the UC Office of the President's efforts to increase the number of diversity students pursuing graduate degrees in STEM. This undergraduate program provides two summers of faculty mentored research at UC campuses and leadership development.

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Across Uc Campus Graduate Mentorship Paid Professional Development Research Summer Undergraduate Workshops
Unconscious Bias Project at Berkeley

The Unconscious Bias Project is a group of scientists, tech workers, and artists working together to promote diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields.UBP is a fiscally sponsored project of Social Good Fund, a tax-deductible 501c3 nonprofit organization (EIN 46-1323531). Our first local chapter is Unconscious Bias Project at Berkeley, a registered student organization at UC Berkeley. We’re grateful for the past support of SYNBERC, the Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Faculty Staff Diversity In Stem Graduate Nonprofit Organization Undergraduate
Undergraduate Laboratory at Berkeley

ULAB proposes to create an undergraduate “research lab” to gently introduce new students to research at Berkeley as well as provide a social/mentoring experience for already advanced undergraduate researchers to learn from each other and develop professionally. “Lab members” will attend workshops on professional communications or reading research papers, go on tours of campus research labs, listen to talks by professors, and present on their own research work. The program is particularly aimed at students who are interested in research but might not be as aggressive or experienced to seek out these opportunities on their own – ULAB will be the catalyst to kickstart their Berkeley research careers.

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Mentoring Research Lab Undergraduate
undergraduate research apprentice program (URAP)

The Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP) is designed to involve Berkeley undergraduates more deeply in the research life of the University. The Program provides opportunities for you to work with faculty on the cutting edge research projects for which Berkeley is world-renowned. Working closely with faculty, you will deepen your knowledge and skills in areas of special interest, while experiencing what it means to be part of an intellectual community engaged in research.

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Professional Development Research Undergraduate
Undocumented Student Program (USP)

UC Berkeley’s Undocumented Student Program (USP) — a component of the Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence — provides guidance and support to undocumented undergraduates at Cal.USP practices a holistic, multicultural and solution-focused approach that delivers individualized service for each student. The academic counseling, legal support, financial aid resources and extensive campus referral network provided by USP helps students develop the unique gifts and talents they each bring to the university, while empowering a sense of belonging. The program’s mission is to support the advancement of undocumented students within higher education and promote pathways for engaged scholarship.USP is committed to working with community organizations, universities, and partnering to create access and increase retention for undocumented students in higher education. In addition, USP collaborates with Staff Diversity Initiatives to create curriculum and training for students, faculty and staff in order to increase institutional support for undocumented students. Our program continues to share and build upon the Berkeley model to support other higher education institutions, implement equitable student support services and strive for a healthier campus climate.

  • Student Support Services Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Community Resource Center Undocumented Students
University-Community Links (UC Links)

The UC Links Mission: UC Links is a network of university and community partners, working together to develop innovative after-school programs. UC Links sites bring underserved P-12 youth together with university students in guided activities that engage their minds and connect them to each other, their communities, and the world around them.Prepare P-12 young people for higher learning. Improve undergraduate and graduate education. Build sustainable university-community partnerships.

  • Campus Outreach & Public Enrichment Kindergarten through 12th grade Undergraduate Students Community K-12 Outreach Undergraduate
Upward Bound (UB)

Upward Bound (UB) is a federally funded educational program for low-income (as defined by federal income guidelines) and/or first-generation to- college students. The Upward Bound program works with an annual budget of $790K. UB provides free services and activities on a year round basis to motivate and prepare students for success in education beyond high school. Students accepted into the program are expected to remain in the program until high school graduation and make a serious commitment to their academic education. Parents/guardians are also expected to make a commitment by attending meetings and ensuring that students meet their program responsibilities.

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Kindergarten through 12th grade College Prep First Generation High School Low-income
Upward Bound Math-Science (UBMS)

UC Berkeley Pre-College Upward Bound Math & Science Center (UBMS) consists of dedicated staff and advocates who provide low-income and potentially first-generation-to college students from underrepresented communities with resources and tools that are essential to access higher education. UBMS educates and supports our program participants by implementing and promoting services that help our participants achieve post-secondary success and better prepare them for a promising future.

  • College and Transfer Student Preparation Kindergarten through 12th grade College Prep First-generation High School Low-income Math Sciences Stem
UROC - Underrepresented Researchers of Color

They serve as a pipeline to increase representation of marginalized students in research programs and grad schools, and seek to build a community of researchers of color. As research is an extremely isolating and exclusive process at this institution, they seek to dismantle this. Furthermore, students of color perform low rates of research at this research institution, alongside research programs on campus having low representation and acceptance rates of students of color. In other words, marginalized students receive little to no mentorship and access to resources to conduct their research/projects. They exist to bridge this gap. UROC events/workshops are open to the public (on or off campus) and held regularly. Part of how they’re cultivating this community is to provide students with necessary tools and resources – such as mentorship, panels/mixers, research methodology workshops, and decolonizing research workshops – for students to envision research that is relevant to their identities and communities with which they’re engaging.

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Mentorship Researchers Of Color Undergraduate Underrpresented Workshops
Visiting Scholars Summer Research Program – Cal NERDS

This eight week program provides opportunities for Cal NERDS scholars to do STEM faculty mentored research off-campus and also to have a few non-UC Berkeley visiting undergraduates get involved with STEM summer research at UC Berkeley through partnership programs. Graduate school preparation workshops, diversity discussions, community building, GRE preparation and STEM career pathway exploration are important summer program elements.

  • Professional Development - Research Undergraduate Students Faculty-mentored Graduate School Professional Development Summer Research Undergraduate Visiting Scholar
Women in Animation Berkeley Chapter

The Berkeley chapter of the global non-profit, Women in Animation, will strive to encourage the advancement of underrepresented groups, particularly women, in the field of animation. We will be providing on-campus resources, open to any and all interested students regardless of major, gender, etc., in the form of guest speakers and workshops.   WIA at Berkeley will be a source of guidance, information, and support for students interested in entering the animation industry.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Advancement Of Underrepresented Groups Animation Women
Women in Chemistry Initiative (WICI)

WICI, a non-profit organization founded in 2015, serves as an inclusive social and professional network of graduate and postdoctoral students of all genders and experiences. Our mission is to support the health and wellness of our members and community, as well as to promote women in chemistry and chemical engineering, through events both on campus and in the Bay Area. We believe that providing these opportunities for socialization, discussion, and support will increase the visibility of women in STEM, make connections with our local community, and encourage women to pursue careers in STEM. Since it was founded in June 2015, WICI has attracted more than 250 members, and our social media outreach connects more than 4,000 individuals on Facebook. WICI holds a variety of events every month that have drawn consistently strong attendance. Our programming includes monthly game, trivia, and craft nights, meetups at local restaurants, social and networking hours, and keynote talks from prominent female faculty in chemistry.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Graduate Students Post Docs Chemistry Health Wellness Women
Women in Tech Initiative

In 2017, CITRIS & the Banatao Institute and UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering came together to launch the Women in Tech Initiative at the University of California, building on the prior efforts on behalf of women technologists of Professor Tsu-Jae King Liu and Dr. Camille Crittenden, both of UC Berkeley. WITI@UC is committed to addressing the disproportionate participation of women in engineering and computer science fields by serving as a trusted center and resource that integrates research with action anchored at the University of California. Interdisciplinary research findings will guide our work in:Promoting and sustaining the career growth of women technologists: reducing attrition, supporting career growth in line jobs, increasing technology leadership roles for women in industry and academia. Increasing access to a range of technology workplace settings: established tech companies as well as startups. Coordinating programs (collaboration among the top educational institutions that supply talent to the tech industry in Silicon Valley: the University of California campuses, Stanford University, San Jose State University). 

  • Professional Development - General Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Faculty Staff Women In Tech
XR@B – Extended Reality Club

Extended Reality at Berkeley is a student group dedicated to bringing virtual reality to the campus community. Our club provides students with access to virtual reality equipment and training and charters project teams to explore the applications and implications of virtual reality in diverse fields through research and development. By providing access to hardware and expertise, we aim to lower the barriers to experiencing and developing virtual reality technology. We are partnering with established labs on campus to investigate virtual and augmented reality as tools for robotics control systems, visualization of complex data, and as an interface for the future. We engage with the campus community through public demo days and info sessions.

  • Student Led Communities & Clubs Undergraduate Students Virtual Reality