Explore Our Faculty Engagement Tool

Find opportunities to explore and connect with our campus STEM programs and resources, which can be helpful with outreach, dissemination, and retention efforts.

How It Works

Step 1 - Login to Calnet

Our STAR Faculty Engagement Tool was designed and built to help faculty. To get started you will be asked to sign in with your CalNET ID.

Step 2 - Customize Search

Share your preferences regarding the types of faculty engagement, length of time, location, time of year, etc. to generate a tailored list of possibilities for you.

Step 3 - Review Opportunities

Review the Faculty Engagement Tool’s tailored search results, with the optional opportunity to download the information that you are interested in.

Step 4 - Get In Touch

Select the programs and resources from the results that you want to connect with and the Faculty Engagement Tool will put you in touch with them. After this point, you’ll work directly with the program or resource to finalize your engagement.

Don’t Have a UC Berkeley E-mail Address?

If you don’t have a UC Berkeley e-mail with CalNET ID but want to access STAR’s Faculty Engagement tool, please get in touch with Executive Directory Diana Lizarraga at # 510.778.5165 (texts OK) or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Please include information about why you are requesting access. Thank you.