Welcome! On behalf of UC Berkeley, welcome to STAR.Berkeley.edu, a new STEM web tool.

Our goals were simple for creating the STAR guidebook and website:

A young man stands in front of science-related posters holding a flag that reads 'Cal' and smiling Francisco shows school spirit.

Phase 1 (Fall 2020)

  • Serve as a hub for people to explore UC Berkeley STEM opportunities.
  • Provide access to narratives from various UC Berkeley STEM role models.

Inspiration, Dedication, & Motivation

Our first STAR Guidebook is dedicated to our 2019-2020 Cal NERDS Student Directors and Cal NERDS Staff (photo below) who worked tirelessly on this initiative. It is truly an honor to work with such talented individuals who are committed and passionate about educational justice.

A grid of 20 headshots of university age students, mostly smiling The 2019-2020 Cal NERDS Student Directors and Cal NERDS Staff.

With Appreciation

This important work would not be possible without the support of Alumni Lisa Guerra and Chuck Kung. Thank you for believing in our vision for STAR and our TechnoInclusionTM framework. Your commitment to equity and inclusion made this new UC Berkeley digital STEM tool accessible to NERDS everywhere.


TechnoInclusionTM Framework

TechnoInclusionTM (see image below) is the framework we used along with data driven decision making processes to design the STAR experience. We are intentional about creating a sense of belonging, a positive campus climate, and validating experiences through our digital platform that connects our STEM communities to activities, information, opportunities, and networks. Through feedback loops, we will work hard to keep improving our site and materials, updating our guidebook every fall and spring semester.

TechnoInclusionTM Framework

TechnoInclusion is the practice of using equity and inclusion strategies via technology to create validating experiences, a positive organizational culture and/or a sense of belonging that connects people to activities, information, opportunities, and networks within an organization. Digital spaces + Equity and inclusion + Human behavior TechnoInclusion Framework: A series of circles set into each other. The innermost circle reads Equity and Inclusion. The next circle is labeled Technology. Next is Sense of Belonging; Positive Org. Culture; Validation. The next largest circle is labeled Students. The outermost circle is labeled UC Berkeley (Activities, Info, Opportunities, & Networks). The TechnoInclusionTM Framework

The STAR Story

“In the late 90s, I put myself through college building websites and that passion for technology has always stayed with me. Fast forward to my work in higher education at UC Berkeley, for the last 17 years I have been a NERD on a mission to make STEM opportunities more accessible. Upon my new additional role as the Division of Equity and Inclusion’s STEM Equity and Success Director, I pitched my vison for a new MEGA website, which I nicknamed STAR (STEM Training And Resources). It took me about a year to get funding and thanks to amazing people, like Lisa and Chuck, we are able bring STAR to life. Originally, STAR was going to launch in January of 2021, but due to COVID I felt that this digital tool was more important than ever since many students were taking classes virtually. Thanks to our team’s amazing work ethic, we were able to achieve key milestones, making it possible to launch phase one of STAR in late August 2020. Thus allowing folx to discover what Cal has to offer now, which can help make important connections that can shape their STEM trajectories. Technology can make a difference and we hope that STAR will be useful to you. Although there is still more work to do for phase two, we know that every NERD is worth it!” ~ Diana Lizarraga, Director

STAR Phase 1 Key Elements (August 2020)

  • Searchable STAR database with option to download what you are interested in
  • PDF STAR guidebook
  • STAR role models
  • STAR blog “We Speak NERD”

STAR Phase 2 Key Elements (January 2021)

  • Faculty & resource engagement tool
  • Expand STAR role models
  • Expanded database categories
  • Resource additions/revisions
  • Enhanced web usability