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I am currently a rotational scientist in Genentech’s Development Sciences Rotation Program. I earned my bachelor’s in bioengineering and plan to continue to explore regenerative medicine in graduate school. I was part of BESSA for two years now. It is a great organization that connects to the Black community on campus as well as off-campus. I enjoy reaching out to underrepresented youth and exposing them to the wonders of the STEM field.

NSF Camp Scholar Program is a great opportunity to have the extra help in attaining research opportunities and guidance in preparing for graduate school. I am already in the process of applying to prestigious graduate schools within the United States. This program provides great mentorship and wonderful research opportunities. I was honored to be a part of a program dedicated to assisting minorities in STEM. This program taught me the skills I need to be a competitive applicant and successive graduate student.

With the support of NERDS, I found a research experience in which consists of formulating and executing my own project with the assistance of a great mentor.

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