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Saul is a first-generation, undocumented student who was born in Ejutla de Crespo, Oaxaca, and emigrated to Fresno, CA with his mother when he was 5. During his time at Berkeley, he was heavily involved in mentoring and advising students through the Hispanic Engineers & Scientists and the EOP STEM mentorship programs. He believes it is important for students to reach out to mentors for advice/guidance on things they may not be familiar with and become one when students are ready. Saul’s research interests lie in biomechanics, particularly in studying human body dynamics to reduce injury and improve movement techniques. He will be starting his Master’s in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in biomechanics at UC Davis in Fall 2020.

NERDS has tremendously impacted my experience at Berkeley; they have provided me resources to go to conferences like SACNAS to meet other research-oriented individuals and also provided funding for me to conduct research during the summers. These funding opportunities have relieved financial stresses and have allowed me to focus on my studies. Thank you all for all you do!

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