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I design & code products that empower users. Throughout my undergraduate career, I was always fascinated by how the brain works. How are we able to take in a plethora of constant information & turn it into sentences, thoughts & concepts? Why does one person’s perception of an object differ from another person’s perception & interaction? Why do some tasks & interactions appear easier or harder for one person versus the other? It was these types of questions that led me to pursue my degree in Cognitive Science & Data Science. I wanted to find a way to create accessible, sustainable & empathetic designs for products & services to empower users. In addition, I wanted to be able to back up my design decisions in a quantifiable manner as well as be able to code/implement them. During my time at Cal, I pursued getting certificates in both UI/UX Design Innovation, as well as the Certificate in Human-Centered Design and helped develop & conduct workshops on UI/UX design & research. Summer 2018 I was a Product Operations Design Intern at Uber, working with the Uber Eats restaurant menu viewing/ customization teams; & Summer 2019, I had the amazing opportunity to Intern at Indeed as a UX Design Intern, working with the Notifications Team on designing a platform that empowers users while waiting to hear back after applying for a job. Outside of class, you can catch me practicing Hot Yoga, Bullet journaling, Having foodie adventures, singing spontaneously, dog spotting & innovating. Feel free to reach out to me via Linkedin if you would like to connect, or chat about Design 😊

NERDS has provided me a close-knit community of nerdy individuals who are warm and welcoming. The community feels like a safe place away from home, like a second home where I am always greeted with smiles. In addition, the initiatives and programs held by NERDS has truly helped me with gaining confidence, career development, and honing in on my passions in UX Design for the future.

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