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Hi there! My name is Nick Melamed and I am a sophomore undergrad studying Business Administration and Data Science. My STEM interests focus mainly on data analytics, especially in business. I joined NERDS in Spring 2020 as a Student Director focusing on Food Insecurity (Fun fact: my first day on the job was right after COVID-19 forced everything online). I have worked with our other student directors to facilitate a partnership with CalFresh, as well as analyzing data from our CUBE to better serve the needs of our NERDS. I am in charge of our Business Core Competencies Workshop series, as well as our NERDSLetter. Outside of NERDS, I enjoy playing basketball, spending time with friends and family, showing off pictures of my dog, and continuing my coding education.

Joining NERDS was easily the best decision I have made since coming to Berkeley. Not only have I learned so many new skills (Python, data analysis, organizing meetings, grant approval), I've been given a special opportunity to be creative and head my own initiatives. Our NERDS family makes a tangible impact on campus, and I couldn't be more happy to be a part of it.

The impact the community has had on my life is incredible. I chose to dive into the Data Science major because of my time here! Meeting so many different people and learning from some of the brightest minds on campus has been a true privilege. I look forward to implementing all that I have learned to continue making an impact at Cal and beyond.

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