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I am a fifth-year Ph.D. student in the Applied Science & Technology program where I work with Prof. Phil Collela (Computer Science) and Prof. Rachel Slaybaugh (Nuclear Engineering) on 3D geometry generation for scientific simulations. I love geometry am particularly passionate about using 3D computer vision techniques to digitally reconstruct the geometry of the world around us. I graduated from UC Berkeley with my Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in ‘15 and my Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering in ‘18. Currently, I live in Los Altos with my husband who is also finishing up his Ph.D. in computer science and we are expecting our first baby this December!

Berkeley is such a huge place, and with so few faces that look like my own in my department, I am so grateful to have the NERDS community where I can go to relax, connect to other students, and shed the burden of feeling like I have to be the perfect representative of my ethnicity/gender. As a grad student, I've developed an additional appreciation for NERDS. Grad school can be challenging, and whenever I start to feel like giving up I am thankful for the opportunities NERDS gives me to mentor and connect with undergraduates in STEM. The NERDS undergrad researchers are filled with such excitement and drive. They are always there to remind me why I've chosen to pursue a Ph.D. despite the challenges. Engaging as a NERDS mentor has truly been a joy!

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