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I was born and raised in Belarus, a small country in Eastern Europe. When I was 20, I left Belarus for good. Now I am a senior here, at Berkeley, majoring in Cognitive Science, with a plan of double-majoring in Data Science. My interests are varied and include anything from Linguistics to Neuroscience to Data Science. I am currently working on a few exciting projects here, at CalNerds, as well as outside the campus.
Female student Kseniya Usovich standing behind podium teaching Python computer coding to class.

There are so many ways in which NERDS helped me, that I probably don't even remember some at this point. I participated in many projects in this center, including STEMinist, Python workshops (which I am co-teaching right now), and I am also a Bergeron Scholar this year. For me, CalNERDS is a safe haven on campus, where any student can get advice from peers, get mentorship Chris and Di, get support with classes or career plan, learn skills that will help them advance their career, or just come in for some moral support (and hugs).

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