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I am a rising senior at UC Berkeley studying Human-Computer Interaction. All forms of design keep me motivated, whether that be fashion design, UX design, interior design — you name it! Coming from a low income and underrepresented background, I take my fascination with the intricacies of design to fulfill my mission of empowering communities to increase representation in the designing and testing of products. I view the digital world as my sandbox, and I am always inspired to put my creativity to work. In my free time, I enjoy indulging in a plethora of self-care activities such as rewatching Avatar the Last Airbender, or exploring the areas that surround me. I also make a great buddy to go on boba runs with!

NERDS has helped me develop both professionally and personally, pushing me to be a leader and really hone my skills in the discipline I'm most passionate about. NERDS encourages me to take my passion and explore different ways to give back to the community!

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