STEM Role Models

Profile photo of Isaac:
Caring, hard working, friendly I am from Hercules CA and my stem interests include mathematics, data management, and video/photo production. My outside hobbies include volleyball (both grass and indoors), basketball, cooking, and baking. My long term goals is to graduate from a top 10 business school and then work in an executive position at a technology company. I hope to become a CEO or CFO of a fortune 500 company and being able to financially support my immediate family as well as take care of my parents.

NERDS has been my home away from home and has welcomed me into the space despite coming here my senior year. All the student directors helped make the space very friendly and have tried their best to make sure that students feel that they can have the resources and support to succeed at UC Berkeley.

NERDS helps all different communities and is a safe space/community for students to study and partake in a multitude of different opportunities ranging from tutoring to research to 3D modeling. It allows students to discover new interests and allow these students to be able to explore that field and even continue to teach incoming students.