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I am a computer science and cognitive science student at Berkeley. I was born in China and moved to the States in my teenage years. I am a Human-Computer Interaction researcher who is passionate about untangling the impact of technology on society, with an emphasis on exploring ways we can use technology to enable humans to be more creative. I co-founded a scheduling software company called MultiMeet, and it’s currently supported by UC Berkeley’s incubator/accelerator called Skydeck. Additionally, I have founded my own creative agency called Studio Primum.

NERDS has allowed me to find my passion in Human-Computer Interaction, a field that united my passion for Computer Science and Humanities.
Sometimes when I get discouraged in my classes, I come back to Cal NERDS and I instantly feel a sense of community. NERDS has connected me with mentors, friends, colleagues, as well as many more connections that I value.

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