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Anthony Salazar is second-year graduate student studying materials science and engineering (MSE) under Oscar Dubon. His research focuses on studying electronic defects in nanoscale layered semiconductors such as transition metal dichalcogenides. He works closely with undergraduate students to develop new semiconducting nanomaterials. The work is done in an effort to solve the many energy challenges we face. Before graduate school Anthony was just a little Cal bear doing his undergraduate degree in materials science and engineering. His interest in science began young but took off during community college with the help of his life mentor Dr. Melanie Lutz. Anthony is from Fairfield California, if he isn’t in the lab you can find him kayaking in the bay, walking his little doggie Mocha, or enjoying a nice picnic on the glade.

NERDS has helped me in more ways than can be counted but in particular, it gave me a family, a home away from home, a place to be myself, and share my passions with other motivated and inspiring students. NERDS is located so perfectly in the middle of everything, which made it easy for quick study breaks, an efficient place to print an assignment out on the way to class, and a life saver when it came to meals on those days when you study non-stop.

In addition, NERDS exposed me to the world of STEM; conferences, seminars, poster sessions, summer internships, and graduate school applications. without the support I received from NERDS, I would not have been able to dedicate myself to my studies and research.

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